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Name:❝ K A L A E L ❞
Birthdate:Apr 6

{ all the truths you spread
are the ones I ignore }

This is the story of the angel, Kalael.

Originally known as Gin, Kalael is a more seasoned angel and one of the most magically gifted. Rumored to be a favored soul of the lord, Kalael was once in disgrace, having been banished to Earth and cursed for having dark wings, the sign of a twisted soul. However, with the combined efforts of his younger sister and many high ranking angels, it was brought to light that his wings, though previously dark, had never turned fully black and were now a pure, brilliant white. It was this revelation that redeemed him in the eyes of Heaven and urged many authoritative figures into welcoming him back.

Kalael, most surprisingly, told them to go fuck themselves.

It would be this disrespectful attitude towards authority and Heaven that would define him for centuries to come. As the years passed and he honed his magical talent, his influence in Heaven grew due to his many powerful friends and his surprisingly successful teachings in the mannerisms of humans and demons. Before long, the archangels were forced to appoint him a position of power in order to maintain stability, which is how Kalael became a general and the overseer of Earth, to the chagrin of many.

Kalael, as he is now, is one of the most powerful magic users in Heaven's arsenal and boasts a variety of skills and experiences that many other angels lack. Having lived most of his life on Earth among the humans has given him a colorful outlook on life, one that most angels disagree with but are powerless to do anything about. In short, he is dangerous both politically and magically, and radical in his views.


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